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Ontario College of Teachers

2021 Council Election - Nomination Package 
** UPDATE **
On November 5, 2020, the provincial government introduced legislation to modernize the work and governance of the Ontario College of Teachers as part of the fall economic statement.
Once the legislation passes, the College’s election regulation – the authority under which this election is undertaken – will be repealed bringing our current process for the next Council to a close.
In recognition of the significant time and effort involved in preparing a nomination package, the College will be suspending the nomination process until the legislation is passed by the Legislative Assembly. In the event the legislation does not pass in its current form, a new nomination period will be initiated.
If you have already submitted your nomination package for review, that review will be completed and you will be advised of your eligibility.
Under the proposed legislation, College members will be invited to apply to participate in the governance of the College and the regulation of the teaching profession through direct participation on Council, committees and rosters of panelists. This process will involve a competency profile.
We invite you to check the College’s
website for ongoing updates.
Thank you for your continued interest in the College’s activities.

This completed nomination package must be received by 5:00 p.m. (EST) Friday, November 27, 2020.

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There are 23 election positions on the Council of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Check out your eligibility for one or more positions on Council here.

All candidates must be residents of Ontario and be members in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers. There are residential and/or employment requirements for each elected position on Council.

Some positions are open only to College members who are full-time or part-time classroom teachers.
Regional Positions – 6 full-time positions, 6 part-time/full-time positions
If you are a College member who is employed full-time (FT) or part-time (PT) as a classroom teacher in a district school board, school authority or private school or Provincial Schools Authority and you live in one of the municipalities or areas specified for each region, you are eligible to run for one of the two regional positions related to your place of residence (not your place of employment if you work in a different region).
System Positions – 7 positions

System positions reflect English-language public and Roman Catholic and French-language public and Roman Catholic school systems province-wide.

If you are a College member who is employed as a full-time classroom teacher, you are eligible to run for one of the province-wide system positions related to where you are employed full time.
Category Positions – 4 positions
If you are a College member who is qualified and employed in any of the following categories, you are eligible to run for the province-wide position related to your area of qualification and employment:

Principal/Vice-Principal (1 position)
Faculty of Education (1 position)
Private School (1 position)
Supervisory Officer (1 position)
Eligibility and Exclusions
A College member who is on a leave of absence for any reason other than sick, compassionate, family or parental is not eligible to run.
A College member who is employed by the Ontario College of Teachers in the twelve months preceding July 1, 2021 is not eligible to run.
A College member who previously served on Council is eligible to run if at least three years have elapsed since they last served on Council.
A current Council member is eligible to run if they will be eligible to serve the entire term of the next Council without exceeding the maximum consecutive service allowed under the College’s Act.
If you hold a position either at the provincial level as an employee or appointed or elected director, official or member of the executive, or as a president at the local level, in any of the organizations listed, you are not required to meet employment requirements for a Council position at the time of nomination. However, you must resign your position and meet the employment requirements before taking office.

For more information or assistance with the nomination process, call the election information line at 416-961-8800 (toll-free in Ontario 1-888-534-2222) ext 558 or email